Pathway Through Grief.

Good Grief - Really!

Understanding Loss, grief, and the Pathway Through It 


Coming to understand what loss is, what grief and grieving are, and how we grieve will fast-forward our progress down the pathway.  Letting go of the stages idea and understanding why we feel like we have "lost our minds" helps us live and have happiness even in the turmoil. 


Remember - there is no timeline or "right way" to grieve.  As long as you are moving forward you
are doing it right. Come back to the module and the intro session as many times as you need.


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Archpathway Complicated

Pathway Through Grief  is a 5 module grief coaching program with a members only Facebook group.  

Module 1.   Identifying the loss

Module 2.  Denial and Bargaining

Module 3.  Crossing the Abyss

Module 4. Acceptance of Life With Loss

     Bonus Session!  

5. When Grief Gets Complicated

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