Great Work.  You completed the Grief Assessment inventory.  

With a score of 46-96 you show you are Actively Grieving but are really handeling your loss well.  

This score could indicate that your life . . . 

~ has had some issues to manage since the loss and

~ might be having a hard time with daily tasks around the house or at work. 

~ could have strong emotional moments and moments of relative quiet.

~ seems foggy and like there is some difficulty seeing what lies ahead.

~ bounces from happiness and hope to sadness, often without warning.  


Are you ready to learn more about the Pathways Through Grief provcess
and Brett M. Judd MSW?

Watch this short introduction to discover what grief really is. 





So, knowing that you are actively grieving and managing the emotion that comes with it, what can you do to steasy your life and rech the hapiness and joy that come when you cross through the Emotional Abyss?

First - Seek a support network of individuals who know and follow principles of grieving that actually devolp strong coping and understanding.  

We strongly suggest you get involved in the Pathway THrough Grief Facebook group where you will be able to associate with others who are learning how to effectively manage loss and are there to assist each other to a Life With Loss. 

Second - It is recommend that you invest in the Pathway Through Grief program -  beginning with the session Good Grief - Really!

This program will greatly increase the succeess you are currently having in your process through grief.

As an Active Griever, we believe you will totally love the private Pathways Facebook group where you can interact with others who are becoming Loss Managers, and have regualr access to Brett and other Loss managers who understand the griecving process.

In Beautiful-Oil-painting-The-Death-of-the-First-Born-Grieving-young-couple-canvas.jpg Good Grief - Really - Pathway Through Grief 

you will receive –

Increased Hope, Joy, Understanding, and coping following your loss through . . .


~ Lifetime access to the downloadable coaching sessions.        where you learn to 

       1.  What Grief is and what it is not.

       2.  Why loss impacts every part of your life.

       3.  How to finally make sense of your Emotional Abyss


       4. What it means to have a Life With Loss as a Loss           Manager

~ Personal Pathway Guidebook      

    to help you identify and process your personal grief      experience. 

~ Access to the private - members only - Facebook group  where you will joijn other Pathway members who are working through their loss and grief together. Brett is there and other support coaches to help you. Brett does regular live group conversations and videos in the group to assist the members. 


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