I am so glad you have taken the Inventory of Grief.  


With a score of 97 - 135 you show possible indicators of complicated grieving.  

Complicaated Grief

Here are a few things about complicated grief that could you as you move through YOUR Pathway Through Grief.

This could indicate that your life has been difficult to manage since the loss and you are having a hard time with daily tasks around the house or at work. 

Complicated grieving is very common and can be worked through.  

1. Complicated Grief is not a sign of weakness or that you have "lost your mind".

2. There are times when you may feel crushed by deep anguish and despair.  This is hard. The darkness of depression and the loss of vision is real.  It can be debilitating.

3. When the Emotional Abyss Breaks through its barriers and you are no longer able to contain it - rage, anger, and even mania can result.  This often leaves others hurting and distant.  

The release is not always angry. Sometimes mania can lead to feeling overly happy, delusional thinking, excessive shopping, or even relationships.  


These are all part of the bargaining
that is trying to help us cope.


4. It is okay to just sit for a bit and let the "snow" in your life settle from the turmoil of the loss.  Do not be pressured to rush "getting over it".  This said, be careful to not let the feeling of safety from isolation get you stuck.  If we do not press frward and express what we really feel inside - hurt, betrayed, shame, abandoned, etc. we can get bogged down in a never ending emotional chaos.


Are you ready to learn more about the Pathways Through Grief provcess
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Watch this short introduction to discover what grief really is. 





What can you do to break through and begin to find happiness and joy? 

     A. I strongly suggest you get involved in the Pathway Through Grief Facebook group . . .  

     B. and highly recommend that you make the investment in the
          Pathway Through Grief coaching program.                 

In Beautiful-Oil-painting-The-Death-of-the-First-Born-Grieving-young-couple-canvas.jpg Pathway Through Grief 

you will receive –

Increased Hope, Joy, Understanding, and coping following your loss through ...


~ Lifetime access to the downloadable coaching program        where you learn

       1.  What Grief is and what it is not.

       2.  Why loss impacts every part of your life.

       3.  How to finally make sense of your Emotional Abyss


       4. What it means to have a Life With Loss as a Loss           Manager

~ Personal Pathway Guidebook      

    to help you identify and process your personal grief      experience. 

~ Access to the private - members only - Facebook group  where you will joijn other Pathway members who are working through their loss and grief together. Brett is there and other support coaches to help you. Brett does regular live group conversations and videos in the group to assist the members. 


  C. With a complicated grief score, it is a good idea to be working with a trained grief therapist in your area. Working with a grief expert can really help you cope with the emotions and understand what is happening.  I strongly suggest you ask questions about their view on grief, their approach, and find a therapist whom you feel comfortable with.  

               This can make a huge difference in your success. *

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Pathway Through Grief and Become a Loss Manager.          



*While in no way a substitute for a good qualified therapist, these programs and communities are very effective in filling the gap when your therapist or other support systems are not available.  The Pathways program and the Facebook groups are not therapy but an educational program and support network.