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What is Good Grief - Really?

Invest now in  Good Grief -Really ~ Introduction to theeBook cover
Pathway Through Grief  program and receive 

    ~ Increased Control of the emotions and
          mental fog that loss brings.

    ~ Understanding of why you are having trouble
          moving through the Stages and finding Hope.

    ~ A clear path to Joy, Happiness, and Life.

    ~ Peace, that your going to be well,
          that you are fine, and that your life
          will be better than it feels.

     ~ A Community of like minded and supportive
          Loss Managers in the private Pathway members Facebook group.


It is possible to Overcome the pain and fears of loss faster when you understand the Pathway Through Grief.


“Thank you for teaching me about the real process of grief. 

I was able to mourn with a co-worker.  It was great to not feel lost.

I knew what to say and how to help her.  It felt really nice.

It has also helped me understand what was happening for my wife when her grandmother died.  Thank you”

Dan Deakin

Brett, has helped me through some long repressed emotions that were holding me back. My businesses were growing rapidly, but I had gone two years without grieving the death of my dad after a drowning accident while we were together with my 8 year old daughter. I had spent so much effort into making sure she was mentally ok that I did not help myself & just threw myself at work. That bottling up of emotions came to an impasse many months later & it was a rough wall to get over. With Brett's help, knowledge of the process I was going through, and also understanding the hardships entrepreneurs go through was the only way I was able to get through that stage of my life. Nick Burton.jpg

Nick Burton


To start feeling joy and happiness and start on the Pathway Through Grief

Don't wait too long, 

Watch this brief sample of Good Grief - Really
An Introduction to the Pathway Through Grief.

Good Grief - Really  is 

~ Session 1 of the Pathway Through Grief Coaching Program

In it you will discover peace from the tumult of loss and ...   

1.  How to start feeling Joy today.

2. What Effective Grieving is and what it is not

       3.  Why loss impacts every part of your life.

4.  How to finally make sense of your Emotional Abyss


               5. What it means to have a Life With Loss as a Loss Manager

~  Bonus 1 ~

 A PDF Personal Pathway Guidebook  
 to help you identify and process your personal grief experience. 

~  Bonus 2 ~

eBook - Good Grief -Really!  Understanding why stages fail and how to finally find relief from loss. 

~ Bonus 3 ~

Tools For 2:00 a.m. Because Grief never happens hen it is convenient,
this resource gives you 3 activities you can do at anytime to help you find balance and joy in life.

Special BONUS Resource

Personal Grieving Inventory ~ this very simple assessment will help you understand 
how wel you are managing the Pathway Through Grief.  

While not intended to be a diagnostic test,
the Inventory will give you insight into your personal grief.  
Are you in Complicated Grief, Active Grief, or are you a Loss Manager?

eBook cover

Good Grief - Really!

 is a Simple and Client PROVEN way to
discover joy and happiness FASTER after loss

This coaching session and the bonuses is valued over $97.99


Free inventory1

Archpathway Mod 1


Normally, only part of the Pathway Through Grief Program ($350.00 value),

this introductory session gives you - 

~ clear understanding to why the stages model fails to bring relief and what does.

~ insight into your own personal loss and what you are experiencing.

~ hope that you will find happiness in life again. 

~ simple and effective tools to bring Joy, Hope, and Happiness back into your life.

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