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Discovering the Pathway Through Grief
moving from denial. despair, and sadness 
to Joy, Peace, Happiness,
and a well-managed life. 

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"Getting On With Life" or "Getting Over It" are so often the expectation after a loss, but for many it is easier said than done. . . UNTIL NOW!

Download the Tools at 2:00A.M. resource and begin finding instant relief from the emotional and mental chaos that grief often brings.

These tools give you the FREEDOM and PEACE  that we all seek, and can be used anywhere, and by anyone who is suffering from grief and loss. 


Also take the Grieving Personality Inventory.  

It will give you clear guide to help you find the peace of mind and heart you long for?


When you take the FREE Level Of Grieving Inventory, you will receive an assessment of your current grief process and whether or not you might be in a state of Complicated Grief.  

While this is not a clinical measurement for diagnosis, it does bring awareness and insight into your current effectiveness in becoming a loss manager.  (Are you here for a loved one and not yourself? Wonderful. Take the inventory for them, from your outside perspective.  It will help you determine how you can be a safe haven for them in their grieving.)

When you complete the inventory, you will be directed to a page that is full of helpful tips and tools specific to your current place in the grief process.  Whether you are

     a Loss Manager,
Active Griever,   or perhaps you are struggling through as
Complicated Griever,

the inventory is a great way to gain insight into how well you are dealing with the losses in your life.

Tools At 2:00 A.M. gives you 3 easily done activities that you can use anyone and at anytime to deal with and process the flood of emotions and the mental whirlwind that comes with loss. 


To get started on your Pathway Through Grief and Becoming a Loss Manager fill your email below and follow the links that will be sent to your inbox.

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ArchpathwayAre you ready jumpstart you life and discover happiness and peace today?

Do you know that you want to find the way to grieve that works for you?

Join The 6 Week Live Accelorator Coaching Program 
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The Pathway coaching program consists of 5 video coaching programs that move you from loss to Loss Manager.

Module 1 - What are the 4 types of loss and what are my losses?

Module 2 - Bargaining control of the Shock, Denial, and Bargaining.

Module 3 - Moving past the Emotional Abyss.  How to gain mastery over the emotions and feel Joy.

Module 4 - Coping, Understanding, and Acceptance - of our Life With Loss. 

Module 5 - When Grief Gets Complicated - how to stop the whirlwind of depression and anger.


The Pathway Through Grief video coaching program and the 6 week live groups help you discover your personal Pathway Through Grief and how to experience faster return to a normal and happy Life With Loss as a Loss Manager.